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Using AIR 3.3 SDK with Flash Builder 4.6

Just a few steps showing you how to setup AIR 3.3 in Flash Builder 4.6 on Windows:

  1. Download AIR 3.3 SDKair-sdk-download
  2. Navigate to your SDKs folder (under Flash Builder 4.6 installation directory).

    • For 64x Windows: C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4.6sdks
    • For 32x Windows: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4.6sdks
  3. Clone SDK 4.6 folder and rename it (Example: 4.6.0_AIR_3.3)
  4. Extract AIR SDK zip inside the new folder and overwrite all matches.
  5. Download Playerglobal SWC for Flash Player 11.3
  6. Go to /frameworks/libs/player/ inside your new SDK folder, create a new folder and name it “11.3” and place the SWC file from the previous step there. Don’t forget to rename it to playerglobal.swc
  7. Go back to 4.6.0_AIR_3.3 folder and open flex-sdk-description.xml
    file. Change <name> value to something more meaningful and different from the current one. I preffer using Flex 4.6 (AIR 3.3)
  8. Open Flash Builder, go to Window->Preferences->Flash Builder->Installed Flex SDKs and add the new folder.

If you want to move an old project from AIR 3.1 or 3.2 to AIR 3.3 open its application.xml file and change the namespace at the top to match AIR 3.3. It should look like this:

<application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/3.3">

For every project you create and uses AIR 3.3 don’t forget to add -swf-version=16 to the compile arguments right after -locale en_US

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Creating an image only mobile button skins for Flex 4 (AIR Mobile)

One of the main differences when creating mobile Flex AIR apps from normal Flex Apps is that it’s better to use ActionScript only skins. With that in mind I’ve created a simple skin for image buttons.

Why this skin is better than using the default spark.skins.mobile.ButtonSkin? The answer is quite simple – performance. Since this is going to be an image only skin, we don’t need label element and all the other functionality the default mobile button skin has.

In order to use the class you just create a new skin extending the ImageButtonSkin. The properties you have to set inside tour constructor are upBorderSkin, downBorderSkin, measuredDefaultWidth and measuredDefaultHeight.

For the border skin properties you can use – images, SWF symbols, FGX files

Usage example:

public class ExampleButtonSkin extends ImageButtonSkin {

    private var up:Class;

    private var down:Class;
    public function ExampleButtonSkin ButtonSkin() 
        upBorderSkin = up;
        downBorderSkin = down;
        measuredDefaultWidth = 230;
        measuredDefaultHeight = 80;

If you want to use FXG border skins then you don’t need up and down variabled. You can set the FXG classes on the upBorderSkin and downBorderSkin directly.
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