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How to open FXG files?

Most of you, who’ve used Adobe Flex related products have probably used Flash Catalyst and the FXG format.

You can open your old FXG files with Adobe Illustrator CS 6 or Flash Catalyst CS 5.5. Unfortunately (as it happens to all Fllex related technologies these days) the new version of Illustrator (Illustrator CC) can’t open the FXG files anymore and Catalyst is discontinued since 2012. So, what happens if we’ve upgraded to Adobe CC products. How do you open FXG files from your older projects?

Well, this happened to me several days ago. After banging my head agains t the wall for a while I found this tool: http://labs.7jigen.net/2010/05/15/fxg-editor-air-app/ Continue reading How to open FXG files?