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Reusing page jQuery in a Greasemonkey script

Many times I’ve used a RIA or a website and wanted it to behave differently or have an additional functionality that I need. Thanks to Greasemonkey this is possible.

We live in a jQueritifed world where most of the web pages use jQuery.

That’s why on of the things that I need to do most of the time when I write a userscript is to reuse the jQuery from the webpage without loading a new jQuery instance from the web. This will make my script much more responsive and who needs to load something that is already there.

Save your time by not reinventing the wheel and just use the boilerplate code I’m using for my Greasemonkey scripts.

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eRepublik Economy Helper

eRepublik Economy Helper is an addon script I’ve created for the browser game eRepublik. It’s purpose is to simplify the game economy and identify scammers on the black market. You can install the script from its UserScripts page INSTALL

Features list:

  • Shows available products in  your inventory on market page. Never again buy more resources than you need.
  • Sets market and exchange market offers initial quantity from 1 (0) to max.
  • Shows total value in CC for each offer inside the market.
  • Show scammers warning on both – profile page and private messages page.

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