Vuejs Live Templates for Webstorm

IntelliJ IDEA (Webstorm) comes with many live templates but it has none for Vuejs 2.
I’ve created a few simple templates to use for my projects. All the templates assume you’re using a transplier for ECMAScript 2015. Vue components template is setup for usage with SASS but you can easily modify it and use Stylus instead.

You can find the templates at idea-vue-templates.


Download settings.jar and import it using File->Import Settings.

Available templates

List with available templates abbreviations:

  • vuec – Generates Vue component (for .vue files)
  • vued – Vue directive
  • vuex – Vue store module
  • vuexi – Vue store index file


  • Components template is configured to work with SASS. Example Webpack configuration for SASS and Laravel (place this in webpack.config.js at root):
    module.exports = {
        vue: {
            loaders: {
                js: 'buble-loader',
                scss: 'vue-style-loader!css-loader!sass-loader'

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