Adding predefined actions to Firefox 57 address bar

One of the first things I’ve noticed in Firefox 57 was the Pocket button in the address bar and the additional actions in the menu on the right. Then, while using Pocket I right clicked and selected Remove from Address Bar. Good, this removed Pocket from there but, ugh, how do I return it back? And what about placing other buttons will I use often like the new Take a Screenshot action?
Firefox Address Bar actions

Turns out there isn’t a way to configure the predefined actions through the UI or at least I didn’t find it. Good news is that since this is Firefox you can always use about:config and find the setting controlling those actions. The setting you need in this case is called browser.pageActions.persistedActions.

  1. In Firefox address bar type about:config. When asked confirm you know what you are doing.

  2. In the search bar at the top type browser.pageActions.persistedActions
    Firefox configurations search

  3. You’ll notice that the value on the right is JSON value. Copy it and paste it in a text editor: Notepad++, VS Code, Atom…

  4. The property you care about is idsInUrlbar. Add any of the predefined ids from the ids array in it.



    Warning: Be careful not to break the JSON. If not sure validate your final result in a site like

  5. Restart Firefox and you’ll see the predefined actions you’ve added to idsInUrlbar show in the address bar.

Turns out extension can add more page actions in the address bar based on your location. Can’t wait to see more of them using this amazing feature.

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  1. Thanks for this. Is it possible to move page actions – as well as reader view – from the address bar to the toolbar overflow menu?

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