Better Looking Mac Terminal

Mac Terminal comes with several color schemes but non catches the eye like SMYCK. The pastel colors it comes with are easy on the eye and you’ll appreciate the theme the more you use it.

  • Download the theme ZIP archive.
  • Install it by running Smyck.terminal
  • Open TerminalPreferences from any Terminal window
  • Select Profiles tab and scroll to Smyck theme at the bottom.
  • Click on Default at the bottom. Close and reopen all terminal windows.

How about getting a nicer prompt as well showing current GIT branch and different colors. I really like git bash prompt config so this is what I use.

  • Create a .bash_profile and place it in your user folder.
  • Paste the lines below

  • Run source .bash_profile in the same folder for the changes to apply.

Mac Terminal using SMYCK

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